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Bridging Aging and Women Abuse - A Toolkit
This toolkit was developed to support a more coordinated and effective community response to older women abuse. Older women are one of the fastest growing population groups and as the baby boomer generation age, the number of older women experiencing abuse will likely increase. ... more

World Health Organization: Gender Mainstreaming for Health Managers: A Practical Approach
Contemporary public health mandates include addressing a wide range of determinants of health such as sex, gender, poverty and equity. This Manual focuses on gender as a determinant of health for women and men and the particular ways that gender equality contributes to better health outcomes for women and girls. ... more

Marital Rape
Comparative papers on Marital Rape legislation in Canada, Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi ... more

Jasmin Magazine
The Young Women's Program at Springtide has just produced the first magazine edition by and for young Palestinian women. ... more

Newsletter on Human Trafficking
This Fall 2008 newsletter focuses on the issue of human trafficking ... more

Initiating Support for Female Victims of Trafficking in Toronto (ISVTT): Findings & Recommendations
The following document is a report documenting findings and recommendations on how public-sector and voluntary-sector agencies can contribute to and collaborate on support to victims of trafficking in persons (TIP). ... more

An Integrated Anti-Oppression Framework for Reviewing and Developing Policy: A Toolkit for Community Service Organizations
The goal of this toolkit is to help community service organizations become better able to reflect the values, beliefs and life experience of everyone in their community. It incorporates the expertise of many women who are community activists and advocates. This toolkit was developed with funding from the United Way Toronto and the City of Toronto. ... more

Working Together
This guide brings together the ideas and knowledge of different people working in two different sectors: the violence against women sector and those working in the developmental services sector. ... more

Fact Sheet: Duty To Report (Feb 2009)
Part of Springtide Resources NEW SERIES of Legal Fact Sheets, this resource outlines the legal duty to report suspicions of child abuse as set out in The Child and Family Services Act ... more

Fact Sheet: Common Criminal Charges in VAW Cases (Feb. 2009)
Part of Springtide Resources NEW SERIES of Legal Fact Sheets, this resources outlines some of the most Common Criminal Charges applied in Violence Against Women Cases ... more

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Springtide Resources promotes healthy and equal relationships by engaging diverse communities in shared educational strategies designed to prevent violence against women and the effect it has on children.More...

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National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women - Video
Dec. 6, 2011

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of what came to be known as the Montreal Massacre. On Dec. 6, 1989, Marc Lepine walked through lÉcole Polytechnique in Montreal, separated the men from the women, and then proceeded to shoot and kill 14 women while making anti-feminist statements.... more

Course Registration Open: Love, Sex, Violence and Crime: An overview of Criminal Law and Violence Against Women
A 4-module, completely self-directed online course, for front line workers in the VAW Sector

This self-directed online course will provide participants with an increased ability to provide support and advocacy for women who have experienced physical or sexual violence, or criminal harassment, and who are, or are considering becoming involved with the criminal court and/or related systems. These systems include the police, the Crown, victim services such as Victim Witness Assistance Program, legal aid and quasi-legal systems such as professional colleges and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. ... more

Registration Open - Online Course: After She Leaves: Supporting Women through the Family Court Process
This self-directed training provides information on a variety of issues encountered when supporting woman abuse survivors and their children through the family court process. Topics covered: Dynamics of Abuse, Family Law Overview, Safety, Presenting Evidence of Abuse to the Court, Family Court Process, Working with a Lawyer, Role of the Advocate, and After Court Is Over. ... more

Registration Open - Online Course: Detect, Respond, Refer: Helping to End Woman Abuse
An online resource for dental hygienists developed by Springtide Resources in partnership with the Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association, this self-directed training includes presentations with audio, and numerous assessment opportunities. Topics: Understanding Woman Abuse, Responding to Woman Abuse, Organizational Strategies for Responding to Woman Abuse, and Taking Care of Yourself.
... more

Jack Layton's Letter to Canadians
To Young Canadians: I believe in you. Your energy, your vision, your passion for justice are exactly what this country needs today. You need to be at the heart of our economy, our political life, and our plans for the present and the future.... more

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Women with DisAbilities Discussing Experiences of Violence and its Prevention on University and College Campuses
, Ontario
A project by Springtide Resources exploring experiences of violence and violence prevention on university and college campuses in Toronto.
... more

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Volunteer Program
Community members interested in contributing to Springtide's mission have a range of volunteer opportunities to choose from... more

Training and Resource Development Partnerships
In addition to the education, training and prevention work we conduct in each of our program areas, Springtide Resources continues to be involved in a number of other violence prevention partnerships and initiatives.... more